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SEO Consultants

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Consultants. Audit and Report

Do you want to improve your search engine ranking but don't know which way to turn? Our SEO Consultants will perform a full, in-depth audit of your website and provide you with a report of our findings. We will include suggestions on how to improve on your website to achieve better results. Get in contact for more details

Website To Audit


We check the code behind what the user sees on your website. We check for coding errors and best practices while offering advice on missing optimisation buried deep within the coding of your website.


We run speed tests on your website to check it's performance. Websites that are slow to load get lower rankings than websites that load faster.


Your website should look fluid and elegant no matter the screen size. We check your website adapts gracefully down to any screen size for Mobile Phones, Tablets and PC's

Optimisation Report

Once we've completed all the above, we will compile all the information we found in to a handy report, with advice on what you should do to fix optimisation errors, speed up your website and ultimately improve your search engine ranking.

Keyword and Search Term Monitoring

Do you want to know how your optimisation changes are affecting your ranking? We can monitor your website for changes in your results on a regular basis. Our keyword monitoring service runs on all our premium hosting packages, but we can do this separately for a low rate. Send us a message for more information