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Holding Pages Explained

What is a holding page? Is my business losing traffic without a holding page?

A holding page allows you to create a soft launch of the new site by creating a single web page. This allows for ‘good things to happen’ like being found by search engine bots, robots or more correctly web crawlers. This helps as when a web crawler finds your site it means you're on your way to start page ranking in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs).

After a web crawler has found your site it will check intermittently back to your site, so as soon as we've lauchned your full website, web crawlers will update and start indexing your pages and content a lot faster than a complete submission at launch.

What does a holding page look like?

Traditionally, a holding page will hold very basic basic information with a big 'Coming soon' (or similar) message in the middle.

Here at Website-Me we create your holding page as a fast micro-website proving a good look, all your contact details, and an outline of what you do along with search engine optimisation. It's perfect to start attacking those all important search engine rankings.